The hubs of the best style!

“” is the first name that cannot be ignored.

Scott Schuman

He goes around the streets of New York taking photos of people for a very simple reason: `I see the connection between the clothes on the runway and what people are actually wearing on the streets increasingly disconnected.`

Fashion addicts also have to admire the elegant suits of Italian gentlemen or the sassy punk style in London captured by Scott during his travels.

Scott helps you answer eternal style questions like: “What to wear to the dance?”

The hubs of the best style!

Portraits of elegant men with interesting fashion sense on

Another name worth mentioning is (ACL) by Michael Williams.

ACL brings readers a whole lifestyle, right into the private rooms of the trendiest guys so that everyone can share the things that a New York man can enjoy.

The hubs of the best style!

Michael Williams

The hubs of the best style!
The hubs of the best style!
The hubs of the best style! not only shares fashion inspiration but also the stylish lifestyle of urban New York gentlemen.

Not having `global coverage` like the two blogs above, only covers its `area of operations` in a certain area.

Although a bit more `industrial` and `bland` than other sites, is quite famous in the Southeast of Manhattan (USA) because it brings readers dynamic and affordable fashion styles.

Rocky Li brings a different perspective on fashion: Honest, convenient and dynamic.

Outside of the US, in the Philippines, is famous for its exclusive images from fashion events, parties, backstage shows, or simply selfies with expensive designs.

Bryan’s lookbook image of a mix of men’s and women’s fashion also brought him a large number of fans, especially gay people.

Bryan Boy

Bryan Boy proves that it’s not just women who wear high heels, designer bags and the most luxurious and bizarre accessories! is smaller because owner Giuseppe Santamaria specializes in photographing street style in Sydney. He later had more collections and streetstyle in other fashion capitals.

Giuseppe Santamaria

In a variety of ways, the above blogs, or more precisely their owners, have contributed significantly to conveying the true value of fashion and style for men.

Fashion on the catwalk and on the streets through the feelings of Giuseppe Santamaria.

5 most popular male models on Instagram ELLE Man “follow”

Francisco Lachowski: The guy likes to share pictures of his son and write captions using hashtags.

Godfrey Gao: Sweet Asian guy, loves sports, food and can take beautiful food photos, even the French fries look very `sexy`!

Simon Nessman: The Canadian supermodel has a muscular body like a Greek god statue and likes to write humorous exclamations about life.

Sebastian Sauvé: Famous for his sexy lips and high cheekbones – his Twitter images are very funny and casual.

Shaun Ross: Seems very introspective with these shots of everyday life.

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