“Important Immortal Master”

My maternal hometown is right next to Huong Pagoda.

Regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman, whenever you talk like you’re straining the muscles above your throat, trying to inflate your neck, and raising your voice in a loud, fake voice, it makes me hate and be wary.

They must have read physiognomy through voice, meaning to see physiognomy through voice, so they feel the need to make their voice more luxurious, or more important, to suit their class status.

Not only did they strain their throats, some of my friends also sometimes whispered that this project was supported by so-and-so, or spoke in a low voice like if you-want-to-listen-then-come-close-here-not-the-whole-country-

At times like that, I just want to let you sit back with that luxury and class, while I run out into the street to complain like the people in the countryside: `The master is important!`.

Story: Le Tien Dat – Illustration: Dzung Yoko

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