India – China are `heated` about the border dispute

(Dan Tri) – Tensions in the border area between India and China have been pushed up in recent days after the two sides showed no signs of `conceding` to each other.

A China-India border area (Photo: The Nation)

Since last month, China and India have been confronting each other in the Dokalam area, near the Bhutan border junction, for more than 3 weeks after the Chinese military built a road here.

Beijing accused New Delhi of using China’s excuse to build a road near the border to send Indian border guards into the Donglang area to obstruct the opening of the road.

In the context of escalating border tensions with China, India on July 12 allowed the military to immediately purchase weapons in preparation for `short-term war`.

Causing turbulence in bilateral relations

According to Deputy Director of the Asia Program at the Wilosn Center (USA), Mr. Michael Kugelman, tensions in the border area are casting a shadow on bilateral relations.

Meanwhile, India also announced that it does not support China’s `Belt and Road` initiative – a project that Beijing has high hopes for.

However, Mr. Kugelman said that the situation in Doklam may not only be a border dispute that affects bilateral relations but also the region.

Experts assess that tensions may escalate and lead to conflict, especially after the two countries send more troops to the disputed area.

India - China are `heated` about the border dispute

The central area of the territorial dispute (Photo: Google Maps)

India is concerned about China’s influence

Also regarding the above dispute and India’s determined attitude, many opinions say that New Delhi is increasingly concerned about China’s presence in South Asia and the outbreak of tensions after the military

Mr. Abhijit Singh, an expert at the Research Observatory in New Delhi, said: `Looking at it another way, India is surrounded by Chinese infrastructure construction projects in the region. Maybe

Earlier this month, China’s Global Times also quoted domestic security experts mentioning the possibility of border conflict if the issue in Doklam is not resolved satisfactorily.

Currently, the Indian side has signaled that it wants to discuss to find a solution to the border dispute.

However, sources from New Delhi said India will seek a solution and not a compromise on this issue, emphasizing that India’s position is very clear and does not want to provoke

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