Ms. Thai Huong – Dream for the community

Thai Huong

Hello ma’am, as a successful businesswoman in the financial business, what made you switch to producing clean fresh milk TH true MILK?

Bac A Bank where I am working as General Director has two areas of work: finance and business consulting.

During the process of consulting businesses, I often guide them on the path of health development for the community.

As a young brand born in a period of fierce competition, what helps TH true MILK succeed and reach the international market?

TH True MILK has 5 core values: For public health;

In fact, when we started production, 92% of the Vietnamese liquid milk market was imported powdered milk for reconstitution and mainly imported from China.

Behind the story of bringing high-tech agriculture to her hometown Nghe An, what is her wish?

Since I was young, I didn’t know what career I liked, but I always dreamed of having a lot of money.

My hometown is Nghe An, but I always consider any place in this land of Vietnam to be my homeland, so I desire to bring the best to the Vietnamese people.

Being one of the top 50 most powerful women in Asia voted by Forbes magazine, in your opinion, is it a big victory or a worthy recognition for the success you have led your business?

It is correct to say this is a victory or recognition when TH true MILK is established in the hearts of consumers and has achieved very significant sales in just a short time.

It is a fact that when looking at other countries, 97% of their population drinks fresh milk, while 70% of ours drink reconstituted powdered milk.

What plans do you have for 2016?

It is the `School Milk` program so that children can drink the purest milk as their mother wishes.

Thank you for this conversation.

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