See your destiny in 2016 through your birthday

ELLE’s fun fortune telling below helps you see your destiny from your date of birth.

Add the numbers in your day and month of birth (calculated according to the solar calendar), then compare the final number of the result and guess the aspects of your life in 2016.

For example: You were born on September 12, then:

1 + 2 + 0 + 9 = 12;

Have you finished calculating the final number from your date of birth? Next, we will see your destiny and corresponding personality from the results.



You will realize many spiritual truths.

Everything will have a new perspective, you need to have a positive mindset and dare to take risks to be creative. If you can let go of unhappy pasts, this year’s energy will help you improve yourself in all aspects.

Work: The situation will get better, when you encounter obstacles, persevere, your efforts will definitely be rewarded.

Love: You have many dreams but are too pessimistic. You need to cultivate an optimistic and positive attitude to attract love.

Health: Need to change living habits, take good care of yourself and worry less.

NO. 2


You will easily waver and lack control due to past inhibitions. Learn to calm down and be closer to others.

This year we need to go step by step and have great patience, avoiding `fighting alone`.

Work: The appearance is a bit different from the reality, requiring thorough analysis to avoid making mistakes.

Love: Your relationship lacks harmony, needs more exchange and sharing.

Health: The body is tired for a long time, so it is necessary to make a thorough adjustment and take time to rest to regain positive spirit and energy.



You have a lot of good hunches, creative abilities, and accurate judgment, so take advantage of the opportunity to discover more interesting things around life.

This is a year of very exciting social activities, you are full of energy and know how to enjoy even when busy.

Work: If you know how to reflect on yourself, there will definitely be more positive changes.

Love: This year love is neither light nor too passionate, but you will learn many things from your love life.

Health: Do not overeat, limit highly stimulating foods, and keep your neck warm during the cold season.



In addition to trying your best, if you have the opportunity, you should also learn more skills and knowledge to improve yourself.

This year you need to spend a lot mentally to get a harvest.

Work: There is a lot of creativity and joy, success will help eliminate fatigue.

Emotional: Tends to only love mentally without much practical experience.

Health: Keeping a healthy mood and focusing on nutritional activities will help you have a year full of vitality.



The key to change still lies within yourself.

If you are a person who likes change, this year is really called `the right taste`, a lot of changes will happen during the year and you should adjust everything accordingly.

Work: Being proactive and positive will help you develop your abilities and win.

Love: Your relationship will develop to a new stage, with understanding and harmony between both sides.

Health: You should not work too hard, even minor illnesses should be taken care of to avoid a more serious situation.



You are not a social person, but you still have to know how to seize opportunities in communication and build a good relationship circle.

There will be more opportunities to interact with others, especially spending more time with family and relatives.

Work: Trust others more, because you can’t do everything well.

Love: The relationship lacks specific steps, so think about the future for both of you.

Health: Without a proper rest plan, the body will be harmed.



If you have a good plan, it will help you have a confident and easy year, and you will also realize many things in your soul.

This is the year for you to `recharge` yourself, need to know how to combine past experiences with knowledge learned in the present, spend more time investing in yourself, improving your abilities and skills.

Work: It’s difficult to avoid challenges, but you will face them bravely, just don’t give up easily.

Love: Giving and receiving seems unfair, your psychology will be difficult to balance, you need to find the source of the problem to solve.

Health: You need to keep your mind alert and don’t easily believe rumors that bring illness to your body.



You need to express yourself to develop your potential.

In addition to focusing on investing, this is also a year of harvest.

Work: You need to increase your sense of responsibility to be appreciated.

Health: Receive love from everyone, this will be a source of good nutrition for your health.



Looking back at things in the past, you may realize that there were things that were very important before but are no longer so.

Looking back at things in the past, you may realize that there were things that were very important before but are no longer so.

Work: Having a lot of hunches and creativity makes you feel satisfied and happy when working.

Emotion: When there is change, don’t resist but face it.

Health: Need enough sleep, pay more attention to the stomach and chest.

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