Uniform beauty

Photo above Dining table set from Feeling Tropic, bench from Linh Furniture, rug from Gomo, dining table lamp from BoConcept.

The whole house is easily reminiscent of a collection space with all kinds of paintings, photos, statues, and multi-material artifacts such as ceramic, porcelain, wood, glass, and even old gramophones.

The homeowner’s friends have all kinds of professions and different starting points, but when entering that living space, it feels like everyone sees a familiar feature there through the artifacts the owner uses to decorate the house.

Uniform beauty

The main space of the apartment with sofa from Feeling Tropic, coffee table and lacquered corner shelf from Diabolo

The harmonious coordination between the owner of this Thao Dien Pearl apartment and the designer is the main feature throughout each living space, from which you can feel the full style, affection, passion…

The house is arranged with interior decoration details in a liberal, unprincipled way, creating an overall closeness, openness and friendliness.

Each decorative object in the interior of that space feels like if they stood alone, there would be nothing outstanding, but when combined together, using arrangement techniques and strict lighting, the

Uniform beauty

Collectible items such as a Buddha statue from a group of artists in Siem Reap, a ceramic vase set by artist Le Thiet Cuong, and a sofa pillow printed with rice paper from CushAndArt were all chosen by the owner and design team not only for their appearance.

Uniform beauty

On the dining table, the owner took the trouble to buy affordable plates during a trip to the Long Xuyen floating market. When returning to Saigon, they went hand in hand with Authentique ceramic bowls, Go Vap glass vases and Thai wooden trays.

Uniform beauty

The living room collection includes an old Akai set and paintings by artist Le Thiet Cuong.

Uniform beauty

Kitchen appliances are a sophisticated collection of brands from Denmark, Germany and Vietnam.

The bedroom space is dotted with decorative details with strong colors and modern styling, creating mischievous and fun highlights that resemble the owner’s personality.

Bedroom with favorite dark gray color.

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