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As people often say, `A thing that is a sin to one is a blessing to another`, luckily someone will feel the hidden beauty of the quirky beauty trends below and join the movement.

1/ Double lashes:

If a pair of long, thick and curly eyelashes is not enough to make you feel beautiful enough, perhaps two pairs of long, thick and curly eyelashes will help you feel great and more like yourself?

(Photo: @alexalink)

Alex Link – the originator of this makeup trend also humorously shared: `With four long and curvy eyelashes like this, it will be difficult for you to see the eyesores around you, and perhaps that’s also the case.`

2/ The heart brows:

If you want to experience a newer way of makeup for your eyebrows, this is probably a trend you should check out.


The beauty industry always emphasizes the importance of well-groomed and well-groomed eyebrows.

However, there are many people who think that this trend is still cuter and more realistic than the previous wavy eyebrow trend.

3/ Stranger Things:

Netflix’s hit TV series Stranger Things has entered its second season and production on a third season is being prepared.

(Photo: @abbyrobertsartistry)

Inspired by the poster of the second season or familiar scenes in the movie, beauty bloggers have created extremely impressive makeup styles from the first look.


Halloween has just passed, but keep these beauty ideas handy, maybe you’ll need them next year.

(Photo: giuliasullivannn)

Trends and Inspiration

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4/ Mirror Lips:

Imagine that the glitter trend is pushed to a higher level, glossy and no longer shimmering.

(Photo: missjazminad)

Jazmina Daniel’s secret to creating these unique lips is quite simple, she uses reflective silver wrapping paper, cuts it out according to the shape of her lips and sticks it with eyelash glue.

(Photo: @scorpio1814)

How about you?

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