Thailand – Learn Anapanasati meditation

Learn Anapanasati meditation in Thailand

Challenge yourself

Unlike other meditation disciplines with many strict regulations, Anapanasati meditation focuses on breathing mindfulness, helping you focus your thoughts, calm your mind and relax your mind.

On the first day, the students were given a white cotton uniform and voluntarily followed the center’s activity and meditation schedule.

Thailand – Learn Anapanasati meditation

One of the halls at Wat UMong, where students practice meditation every day with monks.

Every day, we can only eat two meals, breakfast and lunch, in the common dining hall at the prescribed time.

A student’s day starts at 4 am.

Thailand – Learn Anapanasati meditation

Wat Umong

After lunch, we were free to rest and relax and then continue to meditate until 9 pm.

For people who are used to modern living and always being active, a day that is too simple and quiet will be really difficult.

Thailand – Learn Anapanasati meditation

View of Wat UMong temple

Find balance

The following days were lighter and more comfortable.

In addition to meditating, you can walk around the temple, visit the sculptures or oil paintings in the exhibition room or spread food for pigeons and fish in the large lake behind the temple.

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