The person who brings hope to female students

Material resources are necessary, but not everything to help poor female students succeed, shares Ms. Tam Dan, in charge of the Girls’ Education program of Room to Read, an organization that supports library construction.

Ms. Tam Dan welcomed me with a gentle smile, a smile that made the room feel warmer.

The program led by Ms. Tam Dan begins supporting female students from 6th grade and will follow them until they complete 12th grade. Instead of focusing on agriculture and credit like other programs for women, the program

Ms. Tam Dan and her colleagues promote comprehensive education and closely follow children’s development.

“Materials are just a stepping stone for children to go to school, the important thing is for them to acquire the necessary life skills to be able to think and think properly.

One of the things she and her colleagues encourage schools to participate in is visiting each girl’s home.

The person who brings hope to female students

Ms. Tam Dan at Room to Read office

The journey with the girls is an extremely challenging one when many families are too lonely and the girls do not have support from relatives.

However, the most difficult thing is helping female students maintain their determination to go to school.

The special thing that shines from Ms. Tam Dan’s stories is her enthusiasm for the children.

She admits that Vietnamese rural children are very shy and do not dare to express their questions or opinions.

Story of a former female student

Standing in front of the gate of a vocational school, young girl Tay Thi was trembling alone next to her bicycle.

As the sixth child in a family of seven children, when Tay Thi was young, her parents repeatedly prevented her from going to school because they wanted her to work soon to help the family pay off debts.

The person who brings hope to female students

When Tay Thi finished grade 12, her parents once again burned all of their daughter’s books and forced her to work as a worker.

Among Tay Thi’s seven siblings, only she has currently completed college.

Telling these things to me, Tay Thi affirmed that what she received from Room to Read was not just material support to help her complete her high school program or help her find study funds.

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