From the Runway to the Streets!

Recently, Garance Doré was invited to appear on the famous Wall Street Journal just to talk about `my first fashion week` (the first fashion week she participated in) – a rather innocuous story!

Blogger Bryanboy (Filipino, real name is Bryan Gray Yambao) often receives extremely valuable gifts from big brands to wear when going out or sitting in the front-row of shows.

Scott Schuman is equally famous.

What I remember most about the interviews with Scott is how he struggled to become a Street Style Blogger.

Scott Schuman

Of course, it wasn’t thanks to hard work or being good at suffering that Scott got to where he is today.

What is your secret?

“What I’m interested in is not `describing` what people are wearing on the street but capturing moments that I find romantic.

From the Runway to the Streets!

One of Scott’s 3 released photo books (price about 360,000 VND)

How do Fashion Editors react to the Street Style wave?

Last February, Suzy Menkes, one of the most prestigious commentators in the fashion world (writing for the International Herald Tribune), published an essay in T Style (the Style publication of the New York Times).

From the Runway to the Streets!

`Miss` Ulyana Sergeenko at Paris Fashion Week in September 2012.

Suzy rightly noted that it seems like with the explosion of digital and the number of fashion bloggers and fashionistas, the shows are actually taking place outside, not inside the buildings and characters.

From the Runway to the Streets!

Left: Anna Dello Russo – Editor of Vogue Japan in Alexander McQueen outfit and glasses.

So does the Street Style wave affect Vietnamese journalism?

Working as a Fashion content orientator for ELLE magazine every month, I think that Street-style by now must become an indispensable part of every Fashion-oriented magazine.

I don’t know when, I became addicted to checking Instagram.

And so, don’t be surprised if we start a weekly free Street Style Special series for iPhone version, especially wanting to bring you street style in major cities in Vietnam like Hanoi.

In ELLE magazine, the Fashionista page has also been launched, introducing women whose style is really influencing the way thousands, hundreds of thousands of other women wear, buy, etc.

In the coming time, the Fashion Trends sections will gradually be shortened to make room for new Style sections.

From the Runway to the Streets!

Free weekly iPhone version begins Street Style Special series, `capturing` the best fashion moments on the streets

Photos used by: Marcy Swingle/Gastrochic;

See more Streetstyle images on here!

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