When the world is flat, is worry biased?

When the world is flat, is worry biased?

After the 2011 Tokyo nuclear disaster, Facebook’s engineering team wanted to create something that would make it as simple as possible for people to say they were safe after the disaster.

But last November, an event occurred that caused Facebook to change its stance. For the first time, the Safety Check tool was opened for a man-made disaster, after a mass terrorist attack.

Many people wonder about very funny things like why do dead people in Paris receive more attention than other places?

Up to 1/7 of the world’s population uses Facebook every day.

When the world is flat, is worry biased?

After this event, also Mark Zuckerberg spoke: “We care about everyone equally, and we will do our best to help people survive in many similar situations in the future.

By nature, people do not care about anyone other than their own immediate interests.

The concern does not reflect the serious nature of the incident, but it makes many people mistakenly believe that social values are overturned, and they feel they have to speak up for the community.

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