Why do you live a boring life?

However, when gradually colliding with reality, many people begin to feel discouraged and choose a dull, even tasteless life at a very young age.

1. Because you fail so little


You don’t dare to challenge yourself, you’re afraid of failure, and just stay stuck in the boredom that you yourself create.

When you refuse to `trial and error`, do not want to learn and accept new things because you are afraid of difficulties and complications, then in your mindset you always want to avoid all problems, for you it is `Just leave it there for now`

Even if you hate your current job, you don’t want to find a new job.

2. Because you attach too much importance to other people’s thoughts


Why do you live a boring life?

If you keep worrying about what others think or say about you, you will become their puppet.

You almost always follow the trend and believe that the only safe choice is `like everyone else` to be accepted.

While people use money to invest and improve themselves, you only use money for flashy things outside, from shopping, eating, traveling as a way to fill your life.

3. Because you consider yourself smart


Why do you live a boring life?

When you think you know enough and are smart enough, you will stay in place and never progress.

The things you learn and do are just to prove to everyone that you are smart, but you don’t actually understand the true meaning of what you do.

4. Because you lack curiosity and don’t know how to ask questions


Why do you live a boring life?

You do not know how to ask questions in life, nor do you know how to respect the value of different opinions.

You receive all information, problems or even social relationships without exploration and discovery.

Not only that, with yourself, you have never asked yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you need to improve, what you need to promote.

5. Because you don’t know how to face reality


Why do you live a boring life?

You accept a life of `one day at a time`, afraid of facing difficulties.

You are not proactive in life. Even if you are told what will happen tomorrow, you can only wait without taking action.

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