5 `must remember` things about mutual respect in love

Loving each other without knowing how to respect each other is not a healthy love.

Tips for living

Things you `absolutely` should not confide in your lover

1. Respect the right to express personal opinions

Not only when in love but in any relationship, the right to express personal opinions is the freedom of every citizen.

In love, respect yourself by respecting your partner and vice versa

2. Respect the other person’s thoughts and decisions

Before deciding on anything, you or that person must have thought thoroughly, or you and that person have discussed it with each other.

3. Mutual respect includes the element of trust

What’s the point of loving each other if you don’t trust each other?!

Please don’t lose each other while love is still abundant

4. Never¬†bring up each other’s past to criticize and judge

Everyone has past.

If love wants to go far, it needs mutual respect

5. Please don’t raise your voice to each other

Minimize raising your voice at the other person, even though I know that when you are angry, it will be difficult for you to control yourself.

Tips for living

When you suddenly feel helpless in love

Well, loving each other is an art, otherwise there wouldn’t be any breakups!

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