3 great foods for beauty

1. Caviar – Black diamond of beauty

Since ancient times, the Egyptians, Greeks and Phoenicians have known how to catch sturgeon for eggs.

Caviar is a noble food not only because of its rarity, but also because it is especially rich in nutrients and has great abilities to help enhance health and beauty.

The revitalizing ability of caviar was discovered by accident and interestingly.

Later studies proved her inference to be correct.

Nowadays, caviar skin and hair care treatments are popular with the upper class and famous stars.

2. Apple – Guardian of the heart

Scientists have discovered that apples contain the compound epicatechin, which has the role of making the heart stronger, enhancing blood circulation, promoting immune system activity, and enhancing brain circulation.

In addition, Epicatechin is also effective in normalizing intestinal activity, helping to eliminate toxins from internal organs and regaining energy for the body after strenuous activities.

According to research results from the Norwich Food Research Institute, in people who regularly drink apple juice, their heart and blood vessel systems are as healthy as they were 17 years ago.

In addition to its beauty effects, apples and epicatechin in apples also help maintain healthy functioning of internal organs, the cardiovascular system and the brain, prevent memory loss, and help you stay confident and maintain your self-confidence.

3. Olive oil – Liquid gold

The secret to creating beauty that is both healthy and graceful like Italian boys and girls is olive oil.

People call olive oil `liquid gold` because of the benefits it brings to human health.

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