8 experiences of top fashionistas to reveal your dream wedding dress

Before the wedding, brides will probably refer to hundreds of images of wedding dresses, think of dozens of designs that suit themselves, and actually try on many different dresses.

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Describe the desired dress using 3 adjectives

Whether you step into a traditional or modern wedding dress shop, there will certainly be countless designs available, making you fall into the situation of `wanting a little of everything`.

(Photo: Courtesy of German Larkin)

Inspired by celebrity wedding dresses

Referencing classic wedding dresses of famous people around the world can help you find inspiration and shape the most `timeless` look for yourself.

The gentle, delicate wedding dress in the movie High Society.

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Vintage wedding dresses are also not a bad idea

With the same cost as renting an expensive tuxedo, why not choose to buy vintage so you can keep the dress forever?

(Photo: Someplace Wild)

Focus on the collar

Wedding dresses are always gorgeous, but remember that the top of the dress, especially the collar, will appear the most in photos.

(Photo: Danielle Frankel)

Grasp the vibration frequency

The first time a girl sees her image in the mirror with her wedding dress on, not every girl bursts into tears or feels emotional, especially if you are not an emotional person.

(Photo: Galia Lahav)

Choose a reasonable time to order your wedding dress

Normally, we need to prepare costumes at least several months in advance so that we can tailor or adjust the size to fit our body.

(Photo: Kim Kassas)

Focus on materials

In addition to shape, color and decoration, materials can make a huge difference in the same design.

(Photo: James Bold)

360 degree styling

A wedding dress from a frontal perspective cannot guarantee its comprehensive beauty.

(Photo: Edward Xu)

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