Can soft power `land` safely at the Venice Film Festival?

Look at the hot seat, visualize pure gold

Dominating the list of power, the women of the film industry are full of hope to gain balance in a field where men have traditionally been the majority, more prominent and easily recognized.


Trieu Vy

Two international stars of the same age as Trieu Vy, Chiara Mastroianni (France) and Nina Hoss (Germany), wear the same color scheme of the author’s film line, but instead of Chiara being liberal and satirical, Nina represents inner beauty.


Chiara Mastroianni

Nina Hoss

Different from Chiara, Nina Hoss is the `queen` of the German silver screen with a Miss Berlin Photo Award, a Miss European Photo Award nomination and the title of `muse` of talented director Christian Petzold.

Finally, there is the 70-year-old multi-talented artist Laurie Anderson and the rising star Gemma Arterton, just in her 30s. Having been in the profession since 1975, Laurie both composes and plays homemade musical instruments and is one of the few influential names.

America’s sweet candy

The surprise that the Western press revealed a few days ago is that two Amy Adams films will both participate in Venice.

In the second work – Arrival, scheduled to premiere in Venice, Amy plays the role of excellent doctor Louise Banks, who is selected by the government to join the research team to find a way to protect the earth from destruction due to human attacks.

The `old` beauty returns

Not many viewers pay attention to Monica Bellucci’s role as an actress because to them, the 52-year-old beauty only needs to appear (even for just a few minutes like in Spectre) and everything immediately becomes meaningless.


Scene from the movie “On the Milky Road”

Younger and prettier, Alicia Vikander is being seen as a new factor that Hollywood cannot easily ignore.


Scene from the movie “The Light Between Oceans”

Overall, the list of 5 female judges in Venice this year shows that this festival is starting to follow a new flow, aiming to maintain the modern and developed spirit of cinema.

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