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A simple V-neck is always classy and airy.

Shirt shoulder

The shoulder part of the shirt fits well and has a light lining. When combined with the shirt inside, it will not create a feeling of oppression.


Navy blue cashmere fabric looks elegant but not too formal, light but warm enough for the cold weather in the North.


The three-button style is always classic and neat, while the four-button style adds a touch of formality.

Slim shirt shape

Modern gowns are often quite tight and flattering.

Shirt length

You should choose a shirt that is above the knee, but should not be too short because it can easily make you look unbalanced.


A closet full of clothes is the main reason why a gown falls out of shape quickly.

BASIC Gown Styles

Chesterfield style

The Chesterfield style is easily recognizable with its above-the-knee ao dai and single layer of fabric on the chest with a bold `tycoon` look, often using a dark color palette (navy blue, black, dark gray).

Tweed shirt

Tweed fabric often has a checkered pattern.

Polo jacket

Style 58 In the 1920s to 1940s of the last century, Polo Coat was passionately promoted by sports-loving gentlemen because it could help protect against the wind after sweating.

Duffle coat

Originating from Duffle (Belgium) hundreds of years ago, the fabric of the same name only really emerged when it was used to make British Royal Navy cloaks in the early twentieth century.


It’s hard to find a fashion brand that doesn’t advertise at least a few Peacoats.


The world of Fall-Winter coats is very diverse, but there are 3 styles every guy should have in his wardrobe.

Strong Parka style

The classic Parka shirt today has many variations, but in general it has a wide hood, suitable for combining with jeans and casual clothes, but can also be worn with European clothes, just need to be longer than the suit shirt worn on the side.

Casual robe

A gentleman’s winter wardrobe cannot lack a versatile coat that will make you `wow` when worn to the office or hanging out at a bar.

Formal gown

When you need to dress politely, a cape style with a layer of chest on dark wool (or cashmere) is always the number one choice.

Personalized leather jacket

Appearing in the 1969 movie Easy Rider, Peter Fonda’s European-style tight-fitting leather jacket created a craze and rebellion in men’s fashion.

In fact, the Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket appeared a quarter of a century before it was promoted by Marlon Brando and became an immortal symbol in 1954 in the work The Wild One.

Peter Fonda’s black leather jacket revolutionized men’s fashion

Today’s leather jackets have many variations with many colors, material treatments and decorative details with zippers.

Shearling fleece jacket

Although it was once labeled as a shirt only for mountain guys, shearling collar shirts are actually unrivaled in terms of warmth and stylish appearance.

1. Shearling was ahead of its time and fashion.

2. Shearling is an extremely rare material.

3. Wool is the oldest high-tech fiber.

4. Fleece is the material of space.

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