Asian women’s beauty products

Let’s take a tour around Asia with ELLE to learn about beauty cosmetics brands that have become national pride and discover many names you may not know.


Japanese style beauty

As the country with the oldest cosmetics industry in Asia, Japan and its beauty formulas are always considered the standard.

A prominent feature of Japanese cosmetics is that large corporations all own sub-brands aimed at younger consumers.

The competition in product quality between high-end and popular beauty cosmetic brands in Japan is fierce.

In addition, we also need to talk about typical products of small and medium-sized cosmetic companies.

Heroine Make waterproof mascara

Dolly Wink waterproof eyeliner


Korean style beauty

Although it is a younger and newer cosmetics market than Japan, the level of competition among Korean beauty cosmetics brands is no less fierce.

When talking about Korean cosmetics, we will have to mention BB Cream.

In addition, some cosmetic brands started out as skin care brands but have grown stronger and have added makeup products such as Laneige, Skin Food, Missha and The Face Shop.

Makeup artist to the stars Lee Kyung Min also launched her own brand called Vidi Vici and caused great buzz.

Vidi Vici eyeshadow by star Lee Kyung Min

Clio has the famous Kill Black liquid eyeliner advertised by singer Lee Hyori


Thai style beauty

As a Southeast Asian country, the Thai cosmetics market has many similarities with the Vietnamese market with the appearance of international cosmetic corporations such as L’Oréal, Shiseido, P&G… However, the country of

Oriental Princess is a widely popular brand in Thailand.

Oriental Princess whitening serum


Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Sex and the City 2

Like Thailand, most cosmetics sold in India also come from the West.

In addition, the Street Wear nail polish line, previously widely sold in the US, has moved its headquarters to India because its hot and colorful polish colors are especially popular in this market.

However, that does not mean that traditional Indian cosmetic brands are inferior.

Traditional Indian kohl kajal eyeliner

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