Designer Cong Tri and his `Made in Vietnam` fashion creations are loved by international stars

designs that `fascinate` international stars

Recently, the image of actress Charlize Theron on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with her seductive and classy charisma has `caused a storm` in the world online community.

(Photo: CONG TRI)

This is not the first time designs from Cong Tri have been favored by world stars to appear with.

(Photo: Robb Report)

Fashion collection

Cong Tri Spring – Summer 2020 collection: And such pure fashion!

From performance stages, music products to prestigious red carpets, there is the presence of fashion creations from Cong Tri.

(Photo: Got Celeb)

Tamika Mallory at the 2021 Grammy Awards event (Photo: CONG TRI)

Singer Rihanna in a design from Cong Tri’s `Em Hoa` collection (Photo: Manolo Blahnik)

(Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

Rosé in design from Picking Up Dew Seeds Collection (Photo: MV Gone)

(Photo: @ddlovato)

New generation Tiktok `Queen` Charli D’amelio (Photo: Mark SquiresStudio)

Not only does he compete with international fashion houses in major events and the artist’s personal creative products, his outfits also appear in prestigious world magazines such as The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue, Flaunt,

Vietnamese actress Kelly Marie Chan in Cong Tri’s design (Photo: The Hollywood Reporter)

Bebe Rexha on the cover of Basic magazine with a design from a Vietnamese fashion house (Photo: Basic Magazine)

(Photo: Flaunt Magazine)

For Cong Tri, having his creations noticed by international friends is a pride and memorable milestone in his fashion career.

Fashion news

Singer Rita Ora wore the design of designer Cong Tri, stirring up the Pheonix tour stage

Creative inspiration of Cong Tri

Designer Cong Tri is always known for his unique and different fashion creations inspired by familiar things of each person.

(Photo: CONG TRI)

(Photo: CONG TRI)

Besides, materials, processing and tailoring techniques are also creative highlights that designers focus on using in their designs.

(Photo: CONG TRI)

(Photo: CONG TRI)

Not only does Cong Tri bring perfect and luxurious costume designs to the wearer, he also wants to convey humanistic values related to beauty and women to society.

(Photo: CONG TRI)

(Photo: CONG TRI)

(Photo: CONG TRI)

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