Diesel Spring-Summer 2023: The desire to democratize fashion with 50 shades of denim

It can be said that Diesel’s Creative Director – Glenn Martens has quickly become one of the generation’s representative designers.

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Suggestion `365 days of beautiful clothes` with denim from world fashionista

Diesel’s show at Milan Fashion Week took place in a room filled with sensuality, centered on a giant nude inflatable model.

From high-waisted jackets to slim-fit shirts, Diesel’s Spring 2023 collection metaphorizes denim with different human personalities.

In each design of Diesel’s collection, viewers can see that denim in the eyes of Glenn Martens has a unique luxurious beauty.

In addition to denim, leather jackets, silk pants, printed maxi dresses and dresses with neon lace lining were also utilized by Diesel’s Creative Director.

As soon as Diesel’s show in Milan ended last season, many people were sure that the brand’s 1DR bag model would create a fever.

In addition to expanding the scale of his show with a large number of attendees, Glenn Martens’ hidden meaning in his denim designs is a profound message about democratic aspirations in fashion.

Diesel Spring-Summer 2023 collection

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