Fashion in the movie: Tomorrow with you (Tomorrow with you)

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Fashion in the movie: The Good Wife (The Good Wife)

In early 2017, tvN caused a stir when it successfully `translated` the New York Times number one best-seller novel `The Time Traveler’s Wife` published in 2003, into a TV series.

The movie `Tomorrow with you` marks the return to the small screen of actress Shin Min Ah, promising to bring a love story that is both sweet, romantic and unpredictable for the couple.

Businessman Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon), 30 years old, is the CEO of a real estate investment company, handsome and talented.

Actor Lee Je Hoon also fulfilled his wish to be paired with actress Shin Min Ah after 10 years of waiting.

Actress Shin Min Ah plays Song Ma Rin, once a famous child actress with the role of Babsoon, but harsh reality far different from the glory of the past, has made her an impossible photographer.

Shin Min Ah’s long-familiar straight, side-parted hairstyle has been changed to lightly tousled curly hair with youthful bangs to suit Ma Rin’s feminine, elegant appearance.

The scene takes place in the Fall, so the fashion in the film must exude the spirit of the cold weather.

As a photographer, every time I go on a business trip, my outfit includes a t-shirt, plain khaki pants, and a denim vest that is both comfortable and still classy.

Turtleneck t-shirt inside, denim jacket outside combined with a pencil skirt brings dynamism to an everyday day.

The polka dot blouse from Studio Tomboy and the jean skirt from SJYP are so youthful.

It’s an incredibly cute outfit set, combining a denim dress with buttons along the skirt from SJYP with a blue striped cotton shirt from Saint James Galathee.

Eye-catching office fashion with a ruffle-sleeved blouse with striped patterns from System and bright saffron-colored trousers from DEWL.

Not only costumes, scarves are sometimes also useful accessories to create a charming highlight for the fashion in the movie Tomorrow With You.

The cute pastel pink and purple oversized long coat from MONTS is one of my favorite items because of the sweetness it brings every time Ma Rin wears it.

If the classic wedding dress models with the body and skirt assembled together are too boring, the modern wedding dress style is created with two separate pieces, which is the hottest fashion trend of Spring Summer 2017, chosen by Ma.

Trailer of the TV series Tomorrow with you (Tomorrow with you)

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