First Lady Melania Trump hired someone to redesign the White House

According to US Weekly magazine, First Lady Melania Trump has chosen an interior designer to begin the process of redesigning the interior of the White House.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, senior advisor to the First Lady, told Women’s Wear Daily magazine why Kannalikham was chosen for this dream job: `Mrs. Trump wants to express her deep gratitude every step of the way.`

White House dining room on the top floor

The Lao-American designer, who started his career at interior design firm Ralph Lauren Home and also owns his own interior design firm under the brand name: “Kannalikham Designs,” said:

Kannalikham has worked with many individual clients around the world, but her and her clients’ personal information is kept private.

There is no official information under what circumstances Kannalikham and the First Lady met, but the fact that Kannalikham’s worked with Ralph Lauren may have had an impact on Lady Melania’s decision.

Melania Trump in a power blue dress designed by Ralph Lauren at the Presidential inauguration.

US Weekly said that currently, the First Lady is staying at the Trump Building in New York, but she plans to move back to the White House at the end of her son’s next school year and will continue to divide her time back and forth.

The main focus for the White House’s interior redesign will be to create a family atmosphere for the President and his wife’s 10-year-old son, Baron.

President Trump walks on the red carpet at the entrance to the White House

However, it may not be easy for Melania Trump and Kannalikham to redesign historic rooms.

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