Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

COVID-19 has once again returned to disrupt the rhythm of our daily lives, leaving many negative effects on each person’s spiritual life.

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The therapeutic potential of knitting therapy

1. for depression and anxiety

Research shows that the rhythmic motion of knitting promotes the release of the `happy hormone` serotonin – an important active ingredient that maintains human mood balance.

Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

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2. for cognitive impairment

There have been many studies showing the positive effects of knitting therapy on people with cognitive impairment because the knitting process stimulates brain activity, helping the brain become stronger and stronger.

Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

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3. for loneliness and isolation

According to Maureen Baker – principal of the Royal College of General Practitioners (Royal College of GPs), services in the community can in the long term alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

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How does knitting therapy help?

1. reduce stress

If you are often bothered by chaotic thoughts in your head, this is an effective way to help your mind relax and be at ease.

“Mindfulness is the ability for people to live in the present, aware of where they are and what they are doing but not affected by things around them” –

Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

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2. confidence in yourself

The feeling of joy and satisfaction when completing a product you love will bring positive energy to you.

Mental health benefits of knitting therapy

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3. is an opportunity to learn new skills

Equipping yourself with a new skill not only helps you refresh yourself but also trains your brain.

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4. simply to kill time

Prolonged social distancing has disrupted your summer travel plans, when you can’t go anywhere but your home.

Knitting not only improves your mental health but also helps you learn many new skills.

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