Harmful effects and ways to prevent breast cancer

If breast cancer is not detected early, the chance of cure is very low, the patient is at risk of dying in pain, and in other cases they are forced to have their breasts removed.

The pink ribbon symbol symbolizes the prevention of breast cancer

1. Signs of disease

This is the most common type of cancer and the second leading cause of death in women.


Symptoms of the disease need to be detected early to receive timely treatment


If you feel frequent chest pains even when you are not menstruating, you should seek diagnostic measures at the hospital immediately.


Your breasts are unusually large even though you are not yet pregnant or have not applied any method to increase breast size.


When palpating in a circular motion around the chest, you may see a small lump appearing under the skin.


When you try stroking your breast upward along the hollow line from your armpit, you feel there are lymph nodes under the skin. This is very likely to mean you have early stage breast cancer.


When one of the above signs appears in your body, you absolutely must go to the hospital immediately and without delay. The sooner you detect the disease, the more you will be able to reduce the harmful effects of the disease.

– Chest X-Ray: has a fairly high diagnostic value of about 80%.

– Ultrasound: This is a method that can show you how cancer cells (if any) have spread in your chest.

– Cytological aspiration: this method helps diagnose the disease with up to 90% accuracy

2. Harmful effects of the disease

If not detected early and treated promptly, cancer cells will have the risk of metastasizing through the bloodstream or lymph nodes to other organs.

Images illustrate each stage of disease development

When undergoing radiotherapy, patients easily feel tired, have chest pain or the skin becomes sensitive.

3. Some ways to prevent disease

Love your precious breasts by respecting your health as well as improving your knowledge to detect diseases promptly.


A healthy diet containing lots of green vegetables and fruits will help limit the risk of disease

Green vegetables, fruits, and choosing foods that do not contain chemicals are the key to your health.


Most Vietnamese people have little habit of regular health check-ups.


Get into the habit of getting regular check-ups to detect diseases early and get timely treatment


Not smoking, drinking alcohol indiscriminately, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly will help you minimize the risk of disease.

Regular exercise is also a way to help you improve your health and avoid the possibility of getting sick


This is a genetic disease.

Make sure you thoroughly research your family’s medical history for the best prevention


Some postmenopausal women often use hormones to regulate their bodies.

Absolutely do not use drugs indiscriminately, especially hormone replacement methods.

Breast cancer is a disease that absolutely no one wants.

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