Top 10 brightening creams to help you have the skin of your dreams

Estée Lauder – Revitalizing Supreme+ Bright Power Soft Cream

The skin-brightening cream is perfect thanks to outstanding ingredients: Moringa extract and 511AA special treatment technology, containing no toxic ingredients.

DIOR – Light-in-White L’émulsion Lumière

Containing 90% ingredients of natural origin, L’Émulsion Lumière is tested on Asian skin and strictly monitored by dermatologists.

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CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ – Brightening Serum Supreme

In addition to the revolutionary Sea Ferment Brightener ingredient, Brightening Serum Supreme is formulated with 3 times more concentrated 4MSK.

MENARD – Fairlucent Day Cream White

This is an intensive brightening and melasma treatment cream with advanced molecular micro-separation technology and specialized ingredients, affecting the 5 stages of melasma formation, effectively inhibiting the development of potential melasma.

Daytime whitening and melasma treatment cream

Menard Fairlucent Day Cream White


SHISEIDO – Vital- Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum

Vital-Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum skin care essence supports regeneration, making skin radiant and even-toned.

Brightens skin and helps firm face and neck.

Vital-Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum skin care essence


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OHUI – Extreme White Cream

O Hui’s Intensive Whitening cream contains more than 1 million whitening crystals extracted from pure daffodils and concentrated super vitamin B.

CHANEL – Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Sérum

Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Sérum contains the unique Triple-Efficacy formula combining TXC™, Allantoin and vitamin E to help correct imperfections and safely reduce dark spots.

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LANCÔME – Clarifique Brightening Plumping Milky Cream

Clarifique lotion is formulated with French oak bud extract and strong antioxidants (vitamin C derivatives and Niacinamide), effective on soft, moisturized skin for 24 hours.

KIEHL’S – Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution

Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution is a highly effective serum that brightens and improves skin radiance.

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LANEIGE – Radian-C cream

Radian-C cream brightens skin and fades brown spots with dual vitamin formula containing 8.5% vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives, MelasolvTM and Madecassoside.

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