What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

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What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

Many stars turn to yoga as a ‘miracle medicine’ for beauty.

Foods that contain high amounts of protein you can consider in your menu are: eggs, yogurt or kefia, nuts, peanut butter or even protein powder.

Here are a few breakfast menu references from yoga experts.


What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

Eggs provide a stable combination of protein and fat.

According to Jacqueline Burge – yoga teacher (Desk Yogi center) said she always supplements protein and caffeine every morning with two boiled eggs and a cup of Yerba tea.

James Sklar – Yoga instructor (Yoga with James center) revealed that every day he eats organic eggs with amaranth cooked with pure coconut oil, sea salt, coriander and a cup of black tea with Stevia.

Avocado toast

What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

This is a favorite food of trainers Emily Long, Stephannie Weikert and ‘Retreat in the Pines’ founder Theresa Polley.

Emily Long eats toast with half an avocado, a fried egg, and eats it with a pinch of salt, because according to her, this menu is full of healthy fats and protein, low in simple carbs, and incredibly flavorful

Besides, Stephannie Weikert likes to toast a piece of bread with 9 high-quality seeds, add butter with salt and pepper and two fried eggs to prepare for breakfast.

Theresa Polley likes to eat fresh tomatoes, greens and walnuts with olive oil spread on avocado toast and eggs.

Green Smoothie drink

What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

Smoothie is a fruit-based drink, similar to a fruit smoothie and sometimes added chocolate, butter and peanuts.

New York City yoga instructor Renee Kennedy has a great recipe for a nutritious smoothie by blending almond milk, banana, avocado, kale, and spinach.

Eloise Le Santo – Yoga instructor at Hatha makes a smoothie with some organic protein powder and herbs.


What do Yoga experts often use in the morning?

According to Y2B Fit yoga instructor (Philadelphia – USA), eating oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries and eggs will provide a full range of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats, keeping you energized throughout the day.

You can also imitate trainer Claudia Matles and mix organic oatmeal with flaxseeds, chia seeds, organic almonds, walnuts, fresh berries, and pure honey.

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

How to lose weight healthily with oats

Chia seed pudding

Morgan Perry – Founder of Unwined Yoga center said this snack will provide her with energy for many hours without feeling heavy.

The catechin compounds in matcha and other green teas have been studied for their ability to increase brain circulatory function, reduce cancer risk and boost metabolism.


Erin Motz – Yoga instructor at Bad Yogi center always chooses yogurt as breakfast in the morning.

Like Erin, Upper Marlboro yoga teacher Sherrell Moore-Tucker also enjoys yogurt and granola before starting her day.


If you have to go through a long and stressful working day, cereal will be a great choice.

There are countless types of cereals sold in supermarkets, but you should look carefully at the ingredient list.

Note: Almond milk and coconut milk contain quite low protein.

English Muffins

Muffin is a type of bread with a filling inside, quite small in size and made quickly because it does not require much incubation time like regular bread and only uses baking powder or baking soda.

The menu includes muffins, cereal, Ricotta cheese and fruit that will provide an extremely good balance of fiber and protein for you.


Salad is always the top choice for weight loss.

Conclusion: Always listen to your body

You can easily find useful nutritional formulas, but it is important that you find a suitable diet that is easy to maintain and does not make you give up easily.

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