What scent is for Tet in the perfume world?

Sunlight flooded through the dusty glass windows of the year-end train.

The year-end car trips nearly twenty years ago – when I was young, pouting because I had to return home to celebrate Tet – in the winter, there was the warmth of chickens and ducks crowding under the seats, the fresh green of bundles of dong quai leaves.

1. The scent of completeness

Naturally, when talking about Tet, people think of the burning smoke of firecrackers in the spring rain, pressing down on the old coriander leaves boiling in the pot of water, evaporating the haunting incense.

The scent of fullness, even though it doesn’t really exist yet, can still be touched just by looking forward to it.

Then the Spring day passed, the memories evoked mixed with the warm scent of incense, strangely a little scented with the perfume my mother anointed before going to the temple, and the strange smell of men’s perfume on the shoulder of the son who carried me.

What scent is for Tet in the perfume world?

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Twenty years after the passenger buses filled to the top, I returned to my hometown to celebrate Tet.

I like the cool scent for Tet.

2. “Happy New Year, babe”

I like it, but the scent still holds the magical power to control emotions that I am a helpless sheep.

What scent is for Tet in the perfume world?

1. Eau de Parfum CHLOÉ 2. Blu Mediterraneo ACQUA DI PARMA 3. Cool Water DAVIDOFF 4.Pour Femme BVLGARI 5. Honey MARC JACOBS

When assigned to write about scents for Tet, I’m sure I will write about the warmth of agarwood, the regret of firecrackers, and warm perfume bottles.

Tet has the fullness of happiness and reunion.

“Happy New Year, babe!”

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