TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Let’s take a closer look at the top 8 Instagrams worth following of powerful fashion editors to explore their interesting private worlds.

1. Miroslava (Mira) Duma

Mira Duma’s fashion style.

As the owner of the fashion website Buro 24/07, the former editor of Russia’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine, and the most favorite street-style character of photographers for many years, her Instagram mostly contains images.

TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Instagram Miroslava (Mira) Duma has more than 1.1 million followers.

2. Katherine Ormerod

TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Katherine Ormerod is the editor of Grazia magazine.

The Instagram of the editor-in-chief of fashion news and social culture of Grazia newspaper is filled with images of flights, travel, cuisine, fashion, life style and even sweet love stories.

TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Instagram Katherine Ormerod has 8,274 followers.

3. Anna Dello Russo

TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Fashion style of `medie` Anna Dello

Fashion `medium` Anna Dello Russo is always the focus of every moment on her Instagram.

TOP 8 Instagrams of stylish editors

Anna Dello’s Instagram has 816 thousand followers

4. Hamish Bowles

Hamish Bowles’s fashion style

Hamis Bowles, the male editor of American Vogue but with a strong European style, often travels everywhere to collect vintage designs.

Hamish Bowles has 75.9 thousand followers on Instagram.

5. Amy Astley

Power editor Amy Astley

Powerful editor considered co-founder of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley, turned Instagram into a place to share work corners and preserve close friendship moments.

Amy Astley’s Instagram has 62.6 thousand followers.

6. Eva Chen

Taiwanese-born fashion editor Eva Chen

The Instagram of this Taiwanese fashionista who used to be the editor of Harper’s Bazaar or Elle is as gentle and feminine as her fashion style.

She has 381 thousand followers on Instagram.

7. Caroline Issa

Tank’s fashion director, Caroline Issa

The fashion director of Tank magazine is truly a vedette on the Instagram runway, meek, feminine but extremely sharp and outstanding.

She has 106 thousand followers on Instagram.

8. Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Different from the colorful aura on the street because of her ability to perfectly coordinate outfits and accessories, fashionista Taylor Tomasi Hill, famous fashion editor of Marie Claire, creates a close and simple atmosphere.

Taylor has 104 thousand followers on Instagram.

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