Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2023: The generosity of urban women

In New York’s West Village, Michael Kors finally realized his dream show.

Fashion trends

Traveling in everyday clothes, it’s the latest resort fashion trend

Pure white opens the collection, followed by a continuous transition between white and black.

Michael Kors is an American designer.

Fashion trends

`Dress like you’re not wearing anything` – Dresscode plays boldly inspired by the beauty of the body

The principle of flexibility and sexiness has made every movement of every office-style outfit become more flowing and rhythmic with tassel details or seductive `body-catching` slits.

The blazer style is paired with `flattering` sarongs, and the beach swimsuit now also has to `carry` a luxurious leather tote bag.

IT-Girl Bella Hadid performs on the runway.

The lifestyle of showing off wealth in big cities is also exploited by Michael Kors.

The appointment in the West Village also had the presence of Anne Hathaway in the front-row seats.

Anne Hathaway and Anna Wintour revive the images of the two characters Andrea Sachs and editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada.

(Photo: Rebecca Smeyne/WWD)

Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2023 collection

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