Who else cares about film criticism in newspapers?

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to hear the sentence: `Oh, all the journalists who take advertising money, don’t believe it!`

In any case, knowing how I know myself and knowing my friends doesn’t stop a lot of people from believing in the veracity of movie reviews anymore.

A while ago, I conducted a small survey on my personal blog with the question: What do you think about movie reviews in newspapers?

The above results show that only  6.89% of survey participants think that movie reviews in newspapers are trustworthy and they will read them before deciding to go see a movie.

To see more clearly the ability of film criticism articles in newspapers to influence viewers.

Who else cares about film criticism in newspapers?

If we group people who trust articles completely and only trust certain writers into one group, we get a total of 47.78% of survey participants Still Care About Reviews

As soon as I posted this survey, there were people who thought that raising a question about the potential impact of newspaper criticism on readers was unnecessary, because every journalist is just an audience.

However, whether journalists/critics care about what they write or not is another question.

However, the number of people who are no longer interested in reviews/criticisms is still the majority, and will probably increase.

How can I comment on this?

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