Women have the right to pursue their own passions

What’s the point of living without passion?!

Women have the right to pursue their own passions

Women have the right to pursue their own passions

Women’s passion:

I still remember how surprised a friend was when he saw me fascinated with the fierce battles of Easy Company, the commando team of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army, in the television series about World War II.

If I said I like to gossip with my friends, he would probably think that’s the case.

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Later, many other men I knew expressed similar surprises.

That’s it, men!

Isn’t it the time when women had to let their interests and passions be influenced by men’s prejudices?

Why do you have to like cooking just because that’s what I want?

That’s why a friend of mine once shocked me when she declared that she would never learn to cook just to find a husband, because she had absolutely no interest in cooking.

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Maybe she, like many other women, has been taught that a woman’s greatest achievement cannot be anything other than a warm family;

I think that a modern woman, in addition to family and work, always needs to have passions to enjoy her own life in her own way.

In fact, passion doesn’t have to be big things or go against the majority’s opinion, but it must come from what you desire to do.

Don’t waste the years of your life on boring jobs and then when you realize you were never truly passionate about something in life, it’s too late.

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