Finding Mr.

Love is an important element of life.

The lives of some of us are like difficult stories written on film – full of thorns, mixed joys and sorrows, especially the journey to FIND TRUE LOVE.

Why is that?

Answers to your questions about your journey to FIND TRUE LOVE will be answered at ELLE Women in Society’s seminar taking place on Saturday (April 21) at Toong – 126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai,

Style coach Bui Viet Ha

Bui Viet Ha can be considered one of the people who `discovered` the field of style coaching in Vietnam.

At this workshop, style coach Bui Viet Ha will directly guide ladies on methods to build their personal style to stay confident in their journey to find their true love.

Blogger/Vlogger Giang

Graduating from university in the UK with a major in Fashion Design & Technology and then a master’s degree in International Fashion Marketing and working as a stylist/fashion reporter, Giang is currently one of the famous lifestyle bloggers/vloggers.

Coming to ELLE Women in Society’s conference, Giang will share her very personal stories but also the very common stories of everyone in love, and directly answer people’s questions.

Yumi Duong

Yumi Duong, real name Duong Diem My, is a face known to many people through her role as a TV host.

At this event, Yumi Duong takes on the role of host, leading the program, chatting with guests, and sharing personal experiences about love and the journey to find Mr.

Choosing lingerie with Corèle V.

Accompanying the FINDING MR workshop.

In addition, the brand will have a separate area to advise ladies on how to choose suitable lingerie that both honors the beauty of the body and is beneficial for health.

This is a completely free admission event.

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