Protect your body from acne in hot weather

Hot weather, body heat, and sweat are the causes of acne in the private area.

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Because acne in these sensitive organs is not formed like the types of acne commonly found on the face, the shape, nature, prevention, and treatment will also be different.

Under the arms, chest, and buttocks are areas where the skin often sweats a lot but is difficult to dry, creating favorable conditions for acne to form.

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Particularly for acne on the chest and buttocks, studies show that most of it is due to an allergy to shower gel or washing powder, and can also be caused by the body’s reaction to foods or tight clothes.


In order to avoid acne turning into inflammation that can cause blood infections, you need to take urgent `treatment` measures.

Place a warm towel on the acne area for about 10 minutes and do this for a few days.

Clean the skin area with boils carefully 2-3 times a day.

For treating boils, the biggest mistake is using your hands, cotton swabs… to squeeze or puncture the boil.

Use tea tree oil (extracted from tea tree leaves – Melaleuca alternifolia) to apply on pimples.

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The underlying cause of boils is Staphylococcus aureus, which can occur spontaneously or after some actions that damage the skin such as shaving, rubbing, scratching, scraping, excessive sweating, bathing soap with strong detergents.

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Acne in private areas is very sensitive to fabric softeners and soaps with strong detergents, so when you have acne symptoms, you should clean your whole body with water or mild shower gel.

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Wash your hands regularly with mild soap and specialized hand sanitizer to ensure your hands are always clean.

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Regularly clean wounds, cuts, and even small scratches, so don’t neglect them and protect them with a bandage.

Take care of personal items, do not share items with others, especially items such as towels, nail clippers, drinking glasses, etc.

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But the best way to avoid infection is to have good resistance.

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