Frederic’s peaceful living space with natural breath

At the same time, as a designer, he realized this place was also a source of inspiration, providing materials as well as an environment to learn new things.

He believes that a living space does not only include the interior of a house.

It can be easily recognized that natural light is an important element of the house.

The bedroom connects to the large terrace on the second floor, creating a peaceful relaxation corner.

Frederic and his wife also chose minimalist interior items.

Frederic’s favorite corner in the house is the kitchen.

Glass windows open to the small garden behind the house.

From this room, the owner can leisurely look at the front garden with fragrant plumeria trees and birds preening their feathers.

Q&A with Frederic

What ideas does an empty room evoke for you?

I would turn that room into a gallery, or even a party room.

Moderation in interior use is Frederic’s way of finding balance in a noisy life.

Where do the artworks in your home come from?

Most of them are photos I took while traveling.

One item in his house that is different from the rest is the Buddha statue.

Because I have always been interested in Buddhist philosophies

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